Perimeter & Fixed Barrier Guards

Perimeter & Fixed Barrier Guards
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Extruded aluminum pieces can be used for framing the guards, fixtures, mounting brackets, machine bases, furniture, or anything that requires this type of material for its design and construction.

The extrusions are made of strong, lightweight 6105-T5, clear anodized, #204-R1 aluminum

The nonadjustable area of a panel can be constructed of black or yellow mesh (1/2", 1", or 2" square, 16 gauge). Usually, the 1/2" square mesh is used for point-of-operation guards and the 1" or 2" square mesh is used for large work envelope (perimeter) safeguarding. The mesh is made of PVC-coated carbon steel which is rust resistant. Black mesh provides better visibility into the point of operation. Mesh can be ordered in any size up to 48 x 96 inches.

The adjustable area of a panel consists of individual black-oxidized steel hairpins. These hairpins are ¼" round rods on ¾" centers (1" wide from outside to outside) which create a ½" opening between hairpins. Hairpins provide adjustability of the guard for going around conveyors, chutes, or other obstructions on the machine or robot. The clip that secures the hairpin in place uses 1" of the total hairpin length, and the rounded tip uses ½". For this reason, add 1½" to the adjustability required on the hairpin to obtain the proper hairpin length. Example: An 11" hairpin will have 9½" of adjustability; a 20" hairpin will have 18½" of adjustability, etc.


Each hairpin is secured to the panel frame with one clip, one socket-head cap screw, and one T-nut.

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